About Me

My name is Angela Holliday-Bell and I am a pediatrician in the Washington DC area. I became a pediatrician because I love caring for children, watching them grow and develop while at the same time becoming a part of their families. But something I discovered that I also loved during my medical career is SLEEP. And while I know many other people do as well, it seems like obtaining good sleep is slipping further from our grasps.

As a physician and someone who personally suffered from insomnia, I experienced firsthand how a lack of sleep can negatively impact your life. What has been even more powerful to me though, is experiencing how sleep issues affect those around me; including my friends, family and patients! As a doctor, I know what a vital role sleep plays in overall health and how lack of sleep can lead weight gain, cardiovascular disease, anxiety, depression and not to mention just the mental toll it takes on you.

So I have dedicated time and research to helping myself, my patients, their families and all others achieve the sweet serenity and healthy benefits of a good night’s sleep!