About me

My name is Angela Holliday-Bell, MD. I am a Physician, Certified Sleep Specialist and Sleep Coach. More importantly, I am someone who has suffered from the wrath of insomnia for years. While I had been able to find ways to get by on lack of sleep, the strenuous schedule of medical training took me to my wit’s end and I knew there had to be a better way.

So I started to do my own research on sleep and ways to improve it. I read countless books and research studies and experimented with different behavioral sleep techniques. I started to apply those techniques to my own sleep and watched my sleep improve dramatically.

Not only did my sleep improve, but so did my mood, productivity, relationships, and physical health. I was so inspired by my own sleep transformation that I decided to become a Certified Sleep Specialist so that I could help other busy professionals do the same.

As busy professionals, we wear so many hats that can make it difficult to prioritize sleep. What’s worse is that sleep is needed to function optimally in all of those roles, leading to what can feel like a vicious cycle. Better sleep leads to better mental and physical functioning and is one of the most important forms of self-care.

I created The Solution is Sleep LLC to provide transformative, targeted and customized sleep coaching based on proven therapeutic techniques to help my clients take back control of their sleep lives








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