Consultation Packages

Comprehensive Sleep Assessment and Consultation

Includes a comprehensive sleep behavior and sleep disorder screening questionnaire that will be reviewed and discussed during the follow-up consultation call. Consultation call will include personalized sleep behavioral changes that can be made based on findings from the questionnaire in addition to the identification of potential medical sleep conditions that require further evaluation by your medical professional.

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5 - Week 1 on 1 Sleep Transformation

Includes the Comprehensive sleep assessment and consultation as above including time to discuss your sleep goals for the 5-week makeover

You will have access to a step-by-step 5- week sleep makeover course that will provide you with daily sleep education and guide you through therapeutic techniques that have been proven to help people with insomnia fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and get better quality sleep.

These techniques have been shown to be more beneficial than prescription sleep aids and have longer-lasting results.

There will be a meeting with me each week to discuss the previous week’s progress and go over new information/goals for the upcoming week Includes customized sleep plans and weekly sleep log reviews, that will be adjusted each week based on sleep progress.

1 on 1 Sleep Training Consultation

Includes a comprehensive assessment of your child’s current sleep habits and needs along with your goals for the sleep training process. 

You will speak one on one directly with Dr. Holliday-Bell to come up with a detailed sleep training plan that fits your lifestyle and goals

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